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ERP and CRM Solutions for Realestate
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RealPro CRM

First & Only Comprehensive Software to meet all requirements of Real Estate Consultants

Real estate agents typically need to keep track of a large volume of data relating to properties, requirements as well as client information. The traditional process of keeping track of all this data by maintaining books of records or excel sheets was not only cumbersome but also time consuming. It is very important to get organized since access to the right data at the right time could make or break a deal. Time is of essence and having all properties and requirements at your fingertips will give you the much needed edge over the competition.

Just Think!!!!

  • Do you know the exact status and details of all the properties available with you any time?
  • Can you classify and search the properties based on certain parameters easily?
  • Do you have all the contacts details of Clients, Landlords, References, Marketing data at one place?
  • Can your leads be managed better then your diary and Excel sheets?
  • Do you know the number of followups for a particular day of all your team members?
  • can you make sure all the followups are attended on time?
  • Can you send the email & SMS to your enquiries right at that moment with full details of properties offered?
  • keep track of all payment followups from clients and builders?
  • How many calls your employees have attended and how many are still pending?
  • Brokerage to be received from Buyer and /or Seller along with the brokerage payable to the sub dealer.
  • Employees Incentive on all the sales/ agreement done by him.


With an in-depth understanding of the real estate sector and scores of success stories with real estate projects, ABC Info Soft Pvt. Ltd. is best poised to fulfill your needs better and provides you with powerful but affordable solutions for your business. Hence, we have developed and introducing the intelligent state-of-the-art technology to Real Estate Agents / Property Consultants and Underwriters where they could manage their customers and property management without being technology savvy.

Most CRM manages just your enquiries and to some extend the listing of property, but none of them are managing the after sales process, i.e. all the transactions and details of brokerage, brokerage bills, payment collection from clients & Builders, Sub dealer brokerage and all vital information about your deals done. RealPro offers you all the tools you need to strengthen client relationships, thereby helping your business on the growth trajectory. 

If you are a Real Estate Consultant you can immediately start managing your property, requirement, broker, builder and client databases along with generating excellent reports for your clients and investors through RealPro CRM.

Saient Features

  • You can AUTOMATE day-to-day Sales activities, and not spend time on Data Administration. You can focus on selling and not on the actual sales process.
  • MULTI-LOCATIONS: REALPRO is a Browser based solution thus you can simply access the software from anywhere, even on your tablets and smartphones.
  • OFFLINE as well as ONLINE: REALPRO can be easily deployed on your office server/PC and can also be deployed on any Cloud server. So you have the satisfaction of your precious data being secure with you.
  • VISIBILITY OF TRANSACTIONS : REALPRO tracks all your enterprise transactions right from property listing, to enquiries and then followups of enquiries.
  • The RealPro CRM will help you to increase your lead pool thus increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Maintain all your residential/commercial lease and outright sale properties.
  • Know your cold prospects. Follow-up and convert them to sales
  • Being regularly in touch with the existing clients by sending e-mail and SMS on regular basis thus leading to business generation from existing clients.
  • With RealPro Dashboard, you get complete visibility into your sales process. Why hasn't a prospect responded? Why wasn't this deal won? Based on the last activity to leads, contacts and potentials, you can know all areas in your sales pipeline that require instant attention.
  • Generate property list reports, enquiry / property registration report, inspection report, property cart report from the system.
  • Manage Properties and Projects Primary as well as Secondary Properties. detailed list of available properties filtered as properties from builder (Primary), direct clients or brokers (Secondary).
  • Define your own attributes for primary (Unit types, Unit Group, Block, Floor, PLC etc.) and secondary properties (Age of Property, New/Resale, Nearby, Availability, etc) to describe the property in full detail.
  • Comprehensive Marketing CRM that handles all enquiries, source of origin, follow- ups and their conversion analysis
  • Provision to Rate Potentiality of a customer by the executive on a defined scale. This ensures follow up on priority for the highly potential customer.
  • Designed to locate the availability of a unit in a specified Location/Project based on the requirements of a customer like area, floor, direction, unit type, block, number of bedrooms, size, cost or rent, rating etc
  • Handles all the Bookings covering all important aspects like, project, unit type, rate, payment plans, PLC, Additional Charges, etc.
  • Multiple Payment Plans according to their types (Construction Linked, Down Payment, Time Linked Plans).
  • Payment Plans are Customizable for individual customers at Booking Stage.
  • Brokerage Calculation from Builder/Buyer, Seller, Payable to Sub Dealer
  • Employees Incentive Records. Provision to give incentives to company employees, on the bookings made by them or dealers associated with them.
  • Dealer Bills. Genarates and handles Receivable Bills (From Buiider, Buyer, Seller) and payable bills (to Sub Dealers, Employees)
  • Professional proposals with property photographs can be generated and emailed to clients. Proposals can be generated with your letter head and terms which can be configured as and when desired.
  • Keep a track of payments (receivable & payable) reducing paperwork
  • RealPro displays records, which are inactive for up to 180 days. You can identify bottlenecks in the sales process and take corrective action.
  • Manage groups (teams) based on job profiles, departments, or location of the users
  • Assign users, roles, roles & subordinates to the groups
  • Setup data sharing rules for groups so that users associated with the groups can have access rights on common data


RealPro CRM Advantage

Highly Cost Effective

    • Software as Product and Software as a Service (SAAS) : Pay one time and get the software as a Product or use the software on annual subscription basis online

Latest Technology

    • Designed on & MS SQL.
    • Advantages of both Server and Web based Systems. MIS Dashboard can be assessed on Browser/Mobile anywhere.

Integrated with MS Word & Excel

    • Create Multiple Customized letters using MS Word formats on your own.  
    • Import and export the data to Excel.

Highly Secure & User friendly

    • User Friendly & Highly Secure with strict User Role based Access.


  • Real Estate Listings – Property Listings with customised fields
  • Leads Management - Leads, Proposals and Followups
  • Booking Details - Post Sales Bookings Management
  • Brokerage Redords - Brokerage Receivable and Payable records

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